China Trip page 2 : Beijing and Yangshou

Outside the Forbidden City. (59kb) Inside the Forbidden City - Beijing, China. (67kb) American girl and Chinese girl in the Forbidden City. (61kb) Anne and Lisa in the Forbidden City. (67kb) Ready for the next fire in the Forbidden City. (75kb)
Common site along streets in Beijing; thousands of bikes. (122kb) Street musicians in Beijing. (70kb) Summer Palace - China (84kb) Summer Palace - China (55kb) Stone boat at the Summer Palace - China (89kb)
Along the Summer Palace lake. (44kb) A garden in the Summer Palace. (100kb) The Wall - China (63kb) Dave, Anne and Lisa at the Wall - China. (84kb) With some Chinese guards at the Wall. (83kb)
A great view of the Great Wall of China. (45kb) We met some new friends at the Great Wall. (61kb) Having a delicious dinner with new friends. (59kb) On the train to Guilin inside a sleeper car with my bunk mates. (95kb) Zheng Zhu displaying a classic Chinese garment. (53kb)
Along the Li River in Yangzhou. (59kb) The Li River near Yangzhou - China. (55kb) Someone is having duck tonight - Yangzhou, China. (76kb) Bike riding to Moon Hill - Yangshou, China (72kb) Heading up the Moon Hill trail. (87kb)
Atop Half Moon Hill overlooking the valley. (67kb) View from Moon Hill. (52kb) Along the Li River north of Yangzhou. (104kb) Heading from Xing Ping back to Yanghzou. (58kb) Some local girls near Xing Ping. (64kb)

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