Bearpaw Meadows 2003 : Sequoia and Yosemite National Forests

First day in the Sequoia Giant Forest valley. (47kb) GiantForestValley2-Sequoia-.jpg (48kb) Steve in awe of the Giant Sequoias. (46kb) Only the beginning of our 11 mile hike to Bearpaw Meadows. (36kb) A cool down stop along the trail. (48kb)
One mile to go, but all straight up. (45kb) View from our cabin. (24kb) View from Bearpaw Meadows camp. (38kb) Mike and I enjoying the scenery. (30kb) Our cabin. (30kb)
Starting the hike to Hamilton Lake. (55kb) Along the Hamilton Lake trail. (37kb) Water break along the trail. (48kb) Steve and Mike catching up. (38kb) Steve and Mike on the balcony of the kitchen cabin. (21kb)
They guys enjoying a drink after the hike. (40kb) Sunset in Bearpaw Meadows camp. (29kb) After the rain in Bearpaw. (19kb) Steve at the gong in camp. (29kb)  



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