Mineral King Trips : Sequoia National Forest

The gang ready for the hike up to Mosquito Lake. (40kb) Enjoying the river in Mineral King Valley. (47kb) MineralKing2-Sequoia-1999.jpg (50kb) Steve and I in Mineral King Valley. (53kb) Mineral King Valley (38kb)
Me under a beautiful Sequoia. (37kb) Me and another Sequoia. (42kb) Steve taking a dip in the freezing river water. (39kb) On the Mosquito Lake Trail. (41kb) View along the Mosquito Lake Trail. (33kb)
Some neighbors along the trail. (45kb) Mineral King Valley. (59kb) Along Atwell-Hockett Trail (36kb) Alfonso taking a dip in Mosquito Lake. (38kb) Steve and I in Mosquito Lake;  it was cold. (44kb)
Steve admiring his fire building skills. (35kb) The sun setting on our campsite. (41kb) A fallen Sequoia in Atwell Grove. (45kb) I liked this water fall near our campsite in Mineral King. (36kb) Climbing above Mosquito Lake. (40kb)



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