China Trip page 1 : Hong Kong, Quangzhou, Yellow Mountians, and Beijing

Hong Kong Harbor - view from Victoria Peak (73kb) Near Nathan Road, Hong Kong. (83kb) Nathan Road - Hong Kong (94kb) Hong Kong Island (79kb) Po Lin Monastery - Lantau Island (65kb)
Taking a walk along the Pearl River - Guangzhou, China. (72kb) A community pathway in Guanzhou, China. (92kb) Walking along a street in Guangzhou, China. (82kb) Hanging with some Chinese homeboys. (77kb) Everything is for sale in the Qing Ping Market - Guangzhou, China. (86kb)
Preparing snakes for selling in the Qing Ping Market - Guangzhou, China. (76kb) Snake sales were booming in the Qing Ping Market - Guanzhou, China. (81kb) Sun Yatsen Monument - Guanzhou, China. (83kb) In the Sun Yatsen Monument's Garden. (112kb) A park outside Guanzhou, China. (106kb)
Comparing skin tones with a local patriarch. (62kb) At the base of the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan Range) (72kb) Steep steps up the Yellow Mountain trails (Huangshan Range) (104kb) Heading up the eastern steps - Yellow Mountains (85kb) Along the Yellow Mountain trail. (76kb)
Along the Yellow Mountain trails. (67kb) Atop Lotus Flower Peak - Yellow Mountains (Huangshan Range) (71kb) Enjoying the company of a beautiful, friendly stranger. (70kb) Unreal beauty along the Yellow Mountain trails. (71kb) Lotus blossom filled West Lake in Hangzhou. (91kb)
Bonsai garden in Hangzhou. (61kb) Beijing Acrobats (38kb) Beijing Acrobats (55kb) Beijing Acrobats (59kb) Beijing Acrobats (58kb)

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