Skydiving Trips 2001 and 2003

100_0383.jpg (56kb) Ready to go! (38kb) Final preparations. (36kb) And were falling! (29kb)
Skydive5-2001.jpg (24kb) Skydive6-2001.jpg (27kb) Skydive7-2001.jpg (25kb) Successful jump...still alive. (35kb)
Me and my jumpmasters, and some friends. (34kb) Another jump day in 2003. (44kb) Jae so cool and collected for his coming jump. (56kb) Now its Karen's turn. (54kb)
The tandem jump. (65kb) My turn. (65kb) Jae gives his final approval. (72kb) Back on the ground again. (43kb)

My Jump Video

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