Good deals in Thailand

With the political turmoil settling down in Bangkok, there are sure to be some good deals available. The  week long shut down of the two main airports is estimated to have cost over 3 billion dollars, and it is estimated about 2 million tourists may cancel their flights to the country. The anti-government demonstrations are said to have had a worse economic impact than the Tsunami that hit the resort areas back in 2004. Fortunately, there were no reported tourist injuries, and violence and vandalism was virtually nonexistent.

Now that the dust has cleared the tourism industry is trying to get their business back on track. The  Tourism Authority of Thailand announced a plan for a promotional campaigns to get the ball rolling. Additionally, many hotels are offering free rooms and special fares on Bangkok airways.

Hat Rin Nok, Ko Pha Ngan
Hat Rin Nok, Ko Pha Ngan

Thai tourism may have experienced a costly set back, but they will bounce back. Thailand has some beautiful beach resorts and islands that attract millions every year, and the strong Euro and US dollar will keep the people coming back. If you have been considering a visit to Thailand right now is probably the best time for some great deals.