Maine 2004 - page 1

Eastport, Maine harbor (45kb) Eastport, Maine harbor (71kb) Bike riding around Eastport, Maine. (49kb) Home on a cliff in Eastport, Maine. (50kb)
A view around Eastport, Maine. (23kb) Arriving at my friends house in Eastport, Maine. (61kb) Me in front of my friend's home in Eastport, Maine. (75kb) Main street in Eastport, Maine - Fourth of July weekend. (71kb)
Looking down Main street in Eastport, Maine. (60kb) US naval destroyer visiting Eastport, Maine for the Fourth of July festivities. (50kb) Driving through Calais, Maine. (43kb) Around Calais, Maine (61kb)
View of St. Croix River with a bald eagle perched on a rock. Look carefully, he is there. (76kb) Waiting to cross into Canada from Calais, Maine. (38kb) The Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews, New Brunswick during the rain. (47kb) Driving around St. Stephens, New Brunswick. (56kb)



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